Meet the Real Live Superheroes

Friend, we need your help restoring HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for heroes like Martha and her community —

Food scarcity is a real problem for women and children in Liberia — but we can’t help them without your support.

We have a plan to build a country-wide farming cooperative, focusing on empowering female farmers and their communities to live more sustainably. At the center of this farming network will be a greenhouse and technology center where women like Martha can help themselves and their fellow farmers start new agro businesses, and produce healthy, organic food for their communities. They will also produce their own organic line of bath and hygiene products as a means of saving money and earning a decent living!

Such a network will provide educational and vocational opportunities for Liberians, specifically women and youth, and serve as a year-round source of locally-grown and raised food products for the country.

Our approach is climate-smart agriculture:

which INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY, ensuring that there is plentiful, healthy food options for ALL families

ENHANCES RESILIENCE, creating a future of food security and economic independence for the people of Liberia

Effectively COMBATS POVERTY, and eliminates destitution, malnutrition and infant mortality

and LOWERS CARBON FOOTPRINT, protecting Liberia’s natural resources and ensuring that its environs are preserved for future generations

But as you know, all of this takes TIME, MONEY and DEDICATION. That’s why I’m reaching out to people like you to help women in Liberia and their families HELP THEMSELVES…. If they can live sustainably, the entire world wins!

We rely on your more than you know. Will you take a quick minute to let us know what you can do via our fundraising campaign?

“Feeding a global population of just over 9 billion in 2050 will require a 70 per cent increase in global food production. This will require that agriculture – particularly smallholder agriculture – plays a much more effective role.”

Women Empowerment at the Center of Our Social Initiative

Empowerment and success are theoretical until you provide the gateway to resources and the “how to do it” and instead of just “you can do it, believe in yourself, and just pray super hard.” Green World Vision strives to provide women, REAL OPPORTUNITY so that they can financially flourish. When women are empowered with the right resources and support, they will provide for the people that matter to them, as well as set the tone for the generation to come. You put a woman in a space to take care of her family without struggle, and I promise that she will truly be EMPOWERED to sustain, and less dependent on the help of others!r


Green World Vision has partnered with two organizations in LIberia , EccoPoint and Road to Health, to support this social initiative. 100% of the Proceeds will be used to support the Peter Sayklon orphanage, as well as towards our bigger mission, the development and management of a farming cooperative network to benefit women farmers throughout Liberia.


Creating a Green Community for the Peter Sayklon Orphanage

Their Reality

Founded by Ms. Martha Sayklon, The Peter Sayklon orphanage, located in Kakata, Margibi County, Liberia, West Africa, has housed and educated over 700 orphaned Liberian children since the period of the country’s recent civil war. The orphanage currently supports 59 residents, ranging from ages 3 to 18, along with a small staff of community volunteers and limited resources. During the war, Martha Sayklon organized a group of local farmers into a small farming cooperative in order to feed themselves and other Liberian citizens and quickly earned the nickname “Money in the Bush” for her efforts.

Our Vision

Through private and humanitarian efforts, Green World Vision and its global family strive to create accessible, healthier and safer living conditions for the women and children of Liberia, West Africa, and their communities.

In January of 2019, the Green World Vision team will travel to Liberia to help support Martha Sayklon’s mission, and take the first steps towards transforming the Peter Sayklon Orphanage into a sustainable green-living model, providing an enhanced living and learning environment for its residents. The implementation of solar energy for power, and the use of environmentally-friendly materials, will foster the collective goal to promote sustainable living, protect biodiversity, and minimize impact.

Are You Interested in doing more than making a Donation?

The Money In the Bush Initiative is a massive undertaking. We will not be successful without the support of
individuals and organizations willing to donate their time, talent, and resources to add to our amazing team! We have volunteer opportunities to match a range of interests and time commitment. Please let us know what you can commit to, and help us achieve this goal for the women and children of Liberia!

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We plan to construct over 60 bunk beds and storage units using locally-sourced and recycled materials, including shipping pallets, to ensure that children have an adequate place to rest and store their personal belongings. Providing comfortable, personalized sleeping areas will help to foster dignity and self-respect amongst residents.

Made of Recycled Materials


An array of pole-mounted photovoltaic solar panels will be constructed with battery storage, in order to provide the facility with adequate, clean energy, as well as support the surrounding communities and their energy needs. Energy-saving LED light bulbs, and smart power devices will be incorporated in the lighting design.

Solar Energy


The project will increase access to clean, safe water for drinking, cooking, and bathing, etc. Solar-powered water wells will be drilled on the property, to provide the community with quick and easy access to potable water, decrease physical effort and ensure safety. The group will also incorporate hygiene and sanitation training for the community.

Solar-Powered Wells


Bath soap and shampoo are in high demand and not readily accessible. A building will be constructed and equipped with the proper equipment and materials to mass produce body soap using all natural, local ingredients to meet the needs of the community, as well as create a source of revenue for the facility..

Organic Hygiene Products


Extensive renovations will be made to the multiple classrooms including necessary roof, flooring and structural repairs. School supplies, modern smart technology, learning aides, age-appropriate curriculum will be provided and taught. Sustainable furnishings will be provided using locally-sourced goods, materials, and labor.

Smart Technology


An expansive community garden and proper buildings to raise animals will be constructed to provide adequate, nutritious organic crops and animal products for the facility, and serve as teaching/training mechanism for members of the small community to support the larger cooperative farming network for women farmers.

Organic Farming

Empowering People to Help Themselves-Our Past Successes!

First Earth/Green World Vision has supported more than 9 organizations and hundreds of families throughout the world to
live sustainably!

Green World Vision is inspired to create new opportunities for communities of people throughout the world. Education, access and partnerships are crucial to empowering men, women and children to explore their interests and effectively utilize their talents to create career opportunities that will support their families, and the growth of their nations as a whole.

Improving upon resources and services in developing nations will bring economic gains while building resilience. The proper management of these resources will result in the cultivation and maintenance of land, water, energy and goods, reducing poor outcomes and increasing sustainability. These efforts will support the basic necessities of every day life, while inspiring people to be good stewards of the earth.

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