Green World Vision

Green World Vision acts as a conduit for local businesses that support energy efficiency, renewable energy options, and sustainability goals, unifying the professional environmental movement. This will involve strategic partnerships and scheduled initiatives in order to achieve our specified, common goals. Programs will lead to increased adoption of products and services, and increased residential energy conservation and water management.

Green World Vision has an extensive network of nationally-recognized retail vendors, which provides the partner with year-round access to a customer-base, non-profit partnerships with energy initiatives, cultural groups, schools and churches, which generate community events that serve hard-to-reach residents, partnerships with townships which create opportunities to develop town-wide initiatives and educational platforms such as the S.E.E.D programs to support local schools and businesses, and partnerships with local utilities that grant access to utility program initiatives and broader community programming.

Our carefully-vetted partnerships with a number of Home Performance Contractors (HPCs), renewable energy providers, and water conservation organizations, offer consumers access to water conservation initiatives and energy savings solutions that save them money and decrease their carbon footprint. In addition, the Green Steps Program, an online employee-benefits program, offers employees of companies that have a strong social-responsibility initiative access to the latest green energy and water conservation information available.

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