Energy Efficiency

WHAT ARE YOUR NEXT GREEN STEPS? Energy Efficiency. Conservation. Renewable Energy. Make A Move.

We use electricity and water every day in nearly every aspect of our home life, from heating and cooling our homes, to cooking, washing dishes, washing and drying clothes, watching TV, using our computers, and lighting our homes at night. Electricity and water make our modern lives more convenient and comfortable, but at a cost. By assessing just how we are using energy and water, and adopting new green measures, we can help reduce energy usage and water consumption, thereby lowering our monthly bills.

The Inspiration

The Cost Of Energy Rises Every Year!

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration- 2016 Estimated U.S. residential sector electricity consumption by end use

The Ideal

You Can Lower Your Energy Costs With A Few Easy Steps!

Your Impact

Let’s Take A Look At How Much Energy You Are Using and Calculate Your Carbon Footprint!

The Home Energy Assessment

Take Your First and Easiest Steps Towards Lowering Your Energy Costs, Reducing Your
Carbon Footprint and Increasing Your Green Score!

Insights into a home or building’s energy efficiency and conservation can lead to significant cost savings for its owners.
Opportunities for installing smart technology, energy-efficient devices and  appliances, combustion-safety testing, and weatherproofing are all ways in which the efficiency of a home or building can be improved.
The added value is the assurance of ongoing comfort and safety for its occupants.

Check Your City/Town Website to Learn About Energy-Efficiency Programs and Incentives You May Be Eligible For!

States like Massachusetts have passed the Green Communities Act, ensuring that its residents have access to No-Cost energy assessments, with additional rebates and incentives.

Green World Vision currently provides services in the states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.


Green World Vision reduces negative impacts on the environment by inspiring
action and making green energy options accessible and desirable to all.

The Green World Vision team is a super-charged community outreach/lead gen group comprised of environmentalists and business professionals, driven by passion and adept in outreach. We have over 100 years of collective experience in sales, marketing, and technical expertise, and a shared interest in protecting the environment and impacting global change in the Green Living industry.

We specialize in events marketing, door-to-door canvassing, cold-calling, network marketing and policy change to inspire.

We partner with like-minded organizations, which allows us to act as the central hub for communities interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

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