Eco Agriculture

Liberia’s New Sustainable Farming Community

Increasing Food Stability, Income and Health Outcomes for Women Farmers and their Families


  • Agriculture is a Major Sector Of Liberia’s Economy, Worth 34.2% of the GDP (World Bank 2016)
  • Liberia Imports 80% of its Staple Foods
  • Inflated Cost of Goods
  • Vulnerable to Global Food Price Volatility
  • Food Scarcity, Poverty, Malnutrition
  • Inadequate Farming Education and Employment
  • Lack of Knowledge of Current Farming Methods, New Technology, Farming Inputs
  • Land Destruction Due to “Slash and Burn” and Shift Cultivation Farming Techniques


Our vision is to support climate-smart agriculture approaches and technological advances that have potential to increase productivity, enhance resilience, combat poverty, and lower carbon footprint. The Center for Eco-agriculture and Technology will be the first of its kind project by Green World Vision and EccoPoint, Inc., and will involve the development of an open farmland, incorporating mechanized farming methods, greenhouse technology, and an expansive farming cooperative. The new state-of-the-art agriculture center will promote modern eco-agricultural practices, with its emphasis on field training and information & communication technology. Local farmers and business owners will gain opportunities to develop their practices through a digital learning center that will produce safe, quality organic food in support of local and global trade. The initial phase will result in a 25% increase in local food production.


A Center for Eco-agriculture and Technology will enable interested citizens to develop their creativity, technical skills, and environmental awareness through supplementary education and field experience in sustainable agricultural farming practices, animal husbandry, and modern technological uses. The incorporation of renewable technology and conservation initiatives will foster the support of bio-diversity, generate hands-on experience in mass production of crops and animal products for profit, and increase food security for Liberia.

A Cooperative network of regional sub-stations in Lofa, Bong, Nimba, Grand Gideh, and Grand Bassa will support education, training, and radial trade throughout Liberia. Local farmers and business owners will gain opportunities to develop their practices and expand their productivity, while developing job opportunities in their local community.

Reduce Costs & Risk
Improve Accessibility
Create Job Opportunities
Foster Cooperation, Integrity, and
Expand knowledge-base of modern, scientific growing techniques and best practices
Encourage Networking & Resource-sharing
Meet the Demands of a Growing Population
Address Poverty and Malnutrition in Liberia
Address the Issue of Food Spoilage
Support the Global Fight Against Food Scarcity
Promote Regional and National Trade
Re-establish Trade Routes With Other African Nations
Ensure farmers have access to a reliable system of buyers and exporters

The Greenhouses, modeled after the Netherlands, world-renowned agro agricultural giants, will offer individuals opportunities to become more earth-conscious, adopt revolutionary farming practices, and participate in paid internships, in hopes of sparking their interest for advanced study, career opportunities, or entrepreneurship.

Education and cross-training in advanced eco-agricultural practices will be fostered with local institutions of learning and neighboring African nations through national expos and conventions, in turn, boosting tourism.

Liberians will be inspired to consider their everyday living habits, and adopt more earth-friendly practices that lower their carbon footprint and encourage healthier and clean living. Women and youth empowerment initiatives are strongly emphasized. Participants, both young and old, will be supported to become financial contributors to their local economies, influence community change, sustain meaningful relationships, develop positive self image, participate in the democratic process, and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.

Green World Vision Supports Women Empowerment!

Women, You Were Made For More!

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